HIGHLIGHTS | Supporting gadgets

HIGHLIGHTS | Supporting gadgets

Slowly, every segment of our lives is ruled by objects designed to protect our health: for a designer today, human-centered design is not only an important aspect but the keystone of a product series. An essential part of this mindset is ensuring that the product is not harmful to our health, even if it’s not specifically designed to support it.

Nowadays, especially recently, a lot of attention is paid to products that make our environment healthier and more protected. While the younger generation sees a renaissance of items that help with the correct posture, good air quality and fitness, there is also a great need for tools that promote a peaceful, safe old age. Thanks to the rise of smart devices, a virtual assistant providing comfort and security takes care of our wellbeing. In this context of development, we often dwell on which high-tech tool from the 1985 movie Back to the Future has already been realized, but we think less about how much our society has become dependent on technology in exchange for the coveted convenience.

At this current stop of our project series orbiting the Earth, we’ve selected product design plans from France to South Korea, all of which help our everyday lives and protect our health with functions fit for a sci-fi movie.


Qilive Air purifier Q.6815 | Paris, France
Antoine Riquiez
Geoffroy Hulot
Stéphane Pietroiusti


STANDLY BAO | Taipei, Taiwan
Ming Hsiu Lee


Samsung Galaxy Fit | San Francisco / Pasadena, USA
Howard Nuk
Jeffrey Borges Jones
Sun Son


Ory | Antwerp, Belgium
Laura Lang


Force | Seoul, South Korea
Jake (Jongha) Lee
Scott Yeom
(acasso) Inc.
Dayoung Lee

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