Life on film—5 analog photographers from the region | TOP 5

Life on film—5 analog photographers from the region | TOP 5

We are bringing you five photographers who opted for analog photography despite the difficulties the technology proposes. Let’s see!

The man of the 21st century is rushing into the complete digitalization of life with an increasingly dizzying speed, the process of which has been even more accelerated by recent events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides entertainment, the main scenes of communication and work have also been moved to the virtual world, leaving fewer and fewer aspects of our lives where we interact and spend time with each other in real time and space. As a reaction to this trend, during the last decade, movements, hobbies, and trendy objects started to appear that lead us back to the predigital age. In 2016, before the pandemic, Canadian writer David Sax dedicated a whole book to the topic titled The Revenge of the Analog. The subtitle also says a lot: Real Things and Why They Matter alludes to the fact there’s more to this than simply collecting pieces of vinyl and Moleskine notebooks. To be precise, we are trying to stop alienation in order to get closer to ourselves and the world we live in.

The five artists below are trying to do just that: bringing closer something human, while also letting the raw energies of nature alter the film on which our reality is projected.

Luca Markó | Hungary

Luca Markó lives and works in Budapest. She first graduated from Eötvös Lóránd University with a degree in aesthetics, then studied media design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The pictures you see here are part of the Diary and the Long days, short weeks series, exploring the themes of motherhood, family, and intimacy. Luca briefly touched upon her relationship with analog photos.

“Shooting on film is a more time-consuming, more expensive, and more complicated process. These factors make this method more difficult, however, working like this is also a more complex, inspiring experience. I’ve made photo series before, but using analog technology was a real breakthrough, after which I started viewing the images not only as a medium but also as my most comfortable way of self-expression. I like experimenting with other techniques such as creating video installations or objects, but for me, the process of analog photography provides a flow that nothing else can,” she explained.

Heikki Leis | Estonia

In 2021, with his photo titled Smokes let’s go!, the artist won one of the main prizes of the analog category of the International Photography Awards. Photography being his passion since 2004, the artist has also created hyperrealistic pen and pencil drawings and sculptures before, the art forms of which are still an integral part of his art practice.

Form is temporary. Class is permanent series (2019-2022)

Tereza Zelenkova | Czechia

Czech artist Tereza Zelenková constantly travels between Prague and London. She is most famous for her black-and-white analog photos inspired by literature, mythology, and history. Through her photographs, Tereza tackles existential topics such as death and loneliness.

The Essential Solitude, 2018

Mateusz Żurowski | Poland

The talented Polish photographer creates mainly conceptual photographs that bear the hallmarks of surrealism, neoclassicism, or even modern realism, through the use of painting motifs that he often employs. His images evoke a peculiar, dreamlike atmosphere.

Alena Kakhanovich | Poland

In 2018, the young photographer created her Sleeping Garden series, exploring a time in her life characterized by her fight with depression. Creating the images helped her gain a deeper understanding of herself and achieve a happier life.

Luca Markó | Web | Instagram
Heikki Leis | Web | Facebook | Instagram | Behance
Tereza Zelenkova | Web | Instagram
Mateusz Żurowski | Instagram
Alena Kakhanovich | Web | Instagram

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