Support Hungarian design! | FASHION

Support Hungarian design! | FASHION

The coronavirus brought countless changes into our lives. Many beloved design brands are also at risk. Just like them, we also believe in the added value of Hungarian design. Our article series presents Hungarian small enterprises who could even make your days spent in quarantine a little bit better with their unique products. Browse through the cool design clothes and support Hungarian design!


The collections of ARTISTA primarily consist of comfortable, calmly elegant yet extravagant everyday attire that can be transformed into special formal wear easily, vesting their wearer with confidence any time of the day. The special and unconventional combination of materials are also essential features of the Artista clothes, thus creating unique and personal aesthetics. The bags and backpacks functionally fit into the wardrobe of urban women leading an active life. Artista Studio was founded in Budapest, in 1993. Three of the original founders has been designing and running the brand ever since: Katalin Imre, Nóra Rácz and Katalin Stampf.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Animal print face mask

Tailored, 3-ply face mask, washable, disinfectable with ironing, HUF 3,990

Delta backpack

Urban backpack foldable in two ways, made of shiny silver leather, HUF 39,900

“Bella” dress

Oversized viscose dress, with graphic print, HUF 42,900

Would you like to see more? Go and visit the online store or you can also try on the selected pieces in their showroom in Puskin utca by booking an appointment.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


The CAKÓ brand has been a permanent and exciting participant of the Hungarian design sector since 2013. Kinga Cakó, the designer of the brand opened her first showroom in 2017 in Buda. Her pieces are manufactured ethically, in Hungary, using natural materials. The main source of inspiration for the brand is nature and the various branches of art.

We recommend these:

White ribbed folded bottom crop top

HUF 26,000

Powder pink ribbed wrap dress

HUF 35,000

White ribbed turtleneck crop top

HUF 24,000

You can order the CAKÓ pieces on the Instagram page of the brand!

Website | Facebook | Instagram


The CAMOU brand, founded based on the ideas of fashion designer Beatrix Fehér in 2006, is essentially an interaction between fashion, art and photography. “My inspirations come from the urban environment or nature and are placed on the clothes and accessories with screen printing or digital technologies” – the designer tells us. Must have for fans of Budapest and Lake Balaton!

We recommend these:

Skirt with Széchényi Bath print

S, M, L / HUF 15,000

Blue brocade coat, with trolley print lining

S-M, L / HUF 36,000

Wrap skirt with port print

S, M, L / HUF 16,000

Would you like to grab the Széchényi Bath skirt? You can order via Facebook message, directly from the designer.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Fanni Szaszák’s brand was launched in 2018, and many tees with cool sayings have found their proud owners since then. The funny and apt signs are placed on the fankapanka T-shirts, sweaters and canvas totes with manual embroidery. They use 100 bio cotton fabric in every case, in a factory operating with renewable energy sources (wind and solar energy), amongst ethical circumstances. The packaging is completely plastic free, they only use paper. Hint: the fankapanka products make a perfect birthday gift!

We recommend these:

„diszkó” (disco) sweater

100% bio cotton, unisex S, HUF 15,000

„nem hiszlek el” (you’re unbelievable) tee

100% bio cotton, available in all sizes, HUF 8,000

„hallod” (hey you) tee

100% bio cotton, available in all sizes, HUF 8,000

They know exactly what you think. IT’S A MUST! Check their Instagram and order from the designer via e-mail!

Facebook | Instagram


The pieces of the IMOGEN brand are characterized by moderate elegance, power and dynamism at the same time. The feminine elements combined with clean lines convey the classic and romantic feeling characteristic of the brand. The pieces are made with everyday needs in mind, may it be about formal events, work or free time activities, everyone can find the piece matching the occasion and their personality perfectly. The products of the micro-business are made in Hungary. After careful selection of the fabrics, a seamstress and the designer create the clothes. In addition to the collection, you can also order custom pieces – the founder of the brand, Viki Bajcsai is more than happy to design wedding dresses and evening gowns, too.

We recommend these:

Magenta – blue maxi skirt

Available in S, M, L sizes, 100% cotton, HUF 26,000

Yellow maxi skirt

Available in S, M, L sizes, 100% cotton, HUF 26,000

Denim-like blue dress

Available in S, M sizes, 100% cotton, HUF 29,000

This is what you’ve been looking for? You can grab it on the Facebook page of the brand!

Facebook | Instagram

INQ concept

We are 100% biased regarding the clothes of the INQ concept brand: we know what we are talking about, as we have been testing their stuff for years. Their repertoire features unique, universal and contemporary garments, with a hint of nostalgia. Simple, loveable, and wearable pieces: one of our personal favorites is the Lil Bro Jeans, you’ll love it for sure! In one of our latest selections, we also interviewed Évi Marillai, the founder and manager of the brand.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Lil Bro Jumpsuit

HUF 42,500

Big Sis Denim Skirt

HUF 37,500

Mom Trousers

HUF 38,500

True must have pieces, right? You can also purchase the INQ concept pieces on the newly launched online store of wonderlab!

Website | Facebook | Instagram


In the Hungarian fashion sector, Lindamelinda addresses the goal-oriented and confident female society: the “real women’ who hold their own everyday in today’s fast-paced and hectic world. The brand targets women between the age of 30-50, looking for quality clothes. Melinda designs two collections every year in the spirit of clean and classic lines; she is a big believer of “evergreen pieces.” Every collection of the designer is inspired by the energies of nature, her travels and motherhood. Her clothes are endlessly elegant, light and natural and the same time.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Venus Pullover

One size, 100% cotton, HUF 20,000

Perla bracelet

Pearl bracelet, HUF 4,500

Heart Shirt

S, M, 100% cotton, HUF 7,990

Are you looking for more girly stuff? Go and visit the online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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