The most stylish cosmetics of the region | TOP 5

The most stylish cosmetics of the region | TOP 5

Conscious skincare starts with choosing the best lotions for you. But it’s easy to get lost in the sea of cosmetics, so it pays off to look for the most effective ingredients on the boxes of different serums and facials. Fortunately, more and more brands are finding that minimalist packaging looks better on the bathroom shelf, and the clear labels on the jars with their clean lines make it easy to find the active ingredients. In today’s selection, we’ve picked out some of the cosmetics we think look the most stylish.

Say Hi | Poland

Nature, sunshine and seawater can do miracles to your skin! No surprise that when we return from holiday, our faces are glowing and our skin is soft and smooth. Polish cosmetics brand Say Hi wants to keep this special feeling even during the cold months, therefore they picked the blue sky, the bright sun and the fresh fruit as the defining elements of their identity.

Photos: Tymek Mac, Owlsome Studio

Modrá púpava | Slovakia

Modrá púpava, a brand that grew out of a family-run manufactory, has been producing cosmetics of the highest quality for eight years. Following the philosophy of “Slow Beauty,” the company pays attention to every detail, which means that the appearance of their creams is in complete harmony with the “slow” approach that the brand values. The natural, dark brown bottles are dressed in cheerful paper boxes in all shades of the rainbow, adorned with a dandelion.

Photos: Lenka Márföldy, Ivana Palecková, Andrej Canecky

Geek & Gorgeous | Hungary

For Geek & Gorgeous, a company that works with clinically proven formulas, transparency is particularly important, and this is reflected in the packaging of their products. The labels on the small glass bottles and plastic vials contain only the most important information. To enhance the simple white jars, they often use pastel-colored backgrounds—which are also echoed in the logo—on their social media platforms.


plasinia | Croatia

Inspired by the pristine natural treasures of the Lika region of Croatia, the plasinia product range offers a diverse combination of the crystal clear waters of the Gacka River and the wild herbs of the region. The fabulous landscape is reflected in the eco-friendly paper and polished glass packaging as well: the illustrations remind us of the water, the forests and the fields.

Photo: Stela Kovačić, Maja Danica Pečanić

RINGANA | Austria

The Austrian company RINGANA, with its long history of experimenting with the most innovative techniques, stands out from the examples because, in addition to various lotions, skincare serums and shampoos, it sells dietary supplements, too. Their vegan and non-animal-tested products have an elegant and practical look: their boxes are easy to close and their creams have large labels to draw our attention to the most important ingredient.

Photos: Alex Krischner, Michael Königshofer, Elisabeth Mörz, Croce & Wir

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RINGANA | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Source: Behance

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