The Polish lingerie brand that designs for confident women

The Polish lingerie brand that designs for confident women

Special fabric choices and characteristic lines shape the product range of the Warsaw-based Undress Code lingerie brand along with a consistent brand message that says they design for modern, confident and liberated women. For those who like to let go sometimes and who want to make their dreams come true. For those who believe that lingerie is not a piece of clothing to hide, it is the cornerstone of day-to-day look, which serves you as well at a Saturday night party as it does at the office during the day.

Izabela Godlewska and her husband Kacper Zielinski founded their brand in 2016. For a long time, Izabela was attracted to the singing career, but her family—who is otherwise artistic—suggested a profession that provided her with more stable opportunities. Isabela eventually became a student at the Warsaw School of Economics, and she herself was surprised that she enjoyed her studies. Later, in 2015, she participated in the Business in Women’s Hands program, where she had to set up a business model for a company as a final project. This later motivated her to go to Bocconi University in Milan to study fashion and design management. Starting the Undress Code was almost a step away from here.

The brand explores modern forms of femininity and sensuality, and this is reflected in their garments, breaking away from the conventional underwear styles, but doing so gently, always with a little twist. Provocative pieces remain tasteful, while more classic ones are made more interesting by unique choices of materials or lines. Undress Code’s bestseller products are the sporty-elegant bodies that guide lingerie into streetwear.

“Undress Code is underwear that can also be worn as outerwear. They were not designed to enjoy male eyesight; the pieces were made for the comfort of women. We don’t always want to be sexy, sometimes we need comfort. These pieces of lingerie are modern, resonating with today’s women. I can see from my example that during the day there is no time to change clothes. The woman wearing Undress Code is liberated and confident, and her underwear provides the basis for her casual outfit. A basis that doesn’t even need to be hidden. Its subtle display conveys the message that the wearer is comfortable in her skin,” said Isabela.

The brand message and its authentic and tasteful Instagram feed were also noticed by a fair in Paris, so Undress Code quickly made its way to the event presenting 400 brands and to the offer of the world-famous Galeries Lafayette, where their products can still be found. Today, they are available in forty countries in total, for example in Hungary they can be found among the products of Spark Le Monde and Answear.

All pieces are made in Poland, using mainly natural, organic or recycled materials that come from France and Italy. They avoid overproduction and the use of plastic, and the products are packaged in recycled paper. Today, the range is no longer limited to lingerie:

“In recent seasons, we have been able to launch ready-to-wear and swimwear collections that are with us permanently. We are constantly expanding our horizons and looking for new opportunities,” says Isabela.

Their latest products are the pieces of this year’s spring-summer pre-collection, named “A letter to Paris”. It’s about a woman who, in the most romantic city in the world, realizes that the will to live and her dreams are the most important things to her. She smiles a lot and has a lot of energy. In her spare time in Paris, she slows down: she reads, exercises, rests, dances, and at the same time she gets the realization: her love is Paris. This character is captured and put into lingerie and clothes using delicate lace, floral patterns, velvet and embroidered inscriptions.

Photos: Karolina Wilczyńska
Models: Marta Wieczorek, Hania Koczewska
Creative director: Karolina Mikołajczyk

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