Ukrainian designers we won’t let out of sight IV.

Ukrainian designers we won’t let out of sight IV.

In the fourth part of the Ukrainian designers we won’t let out of sight series, we will present three more brands: three brands inspired by the rich and valuable Ukrainian cultural heritage, whether it is a clothing brand fighting for sustainability or a studio producing home accessories.

In the editorial team of Hype&Hyper, we follow a lot of talented Ukrainian designers, artists and brands with unique visions, and we have always tried to give them a platform to showcase their work. In light of the current situation, we feel it’s important not to lose sight of them and support them as much as possible! In our newly launched series, we’ve gathered together these characters and brands that are dear to us.


NOOM was founded in 2017 by industrial designer Kateryna Sokolova and designer and entrepreneur Arkady Vartanov. The company produces lighting, decoration and home accessories, which are created by combining traditional and modern production technologies. Noom products are primarily made of metal, have a high artistic value and can be immediately identified by their unique geometric form.

In response to the current situation, the following thoughts were shared by nom on Instagram:

“We are very proud of our country, our culture and our people. We draw our inspiration from the avant-garde heritage, especially from suprematism, the invention of Ukrainian artist Kazimir Malevich. In these turbulent days for our country, we continue working and creating emotional products to fix modern Ukrainian object design on the world map.”


Although the history of ETNODIM began in 2009, the main inspiration of the brand dates back to traditional Ukrainian embroidery, and its concept is to create modern ethnic clothing combined with folk traditions. By making the embroidery, not only a new product will be made, but also Ukrainian history will continue. Ukrainian embroidery is known and valued worldwide, and the technique is still an integral part of life and culture.

“Home is where it hurts”—the quote comes from Kateryna Kalytko’s collection of poems, the meaning of which we understand more than ever today. “Our pain is shared, and our home is one and strong,” the brand said.


The slogan of the NCYZIP brand: Be sustainable. Be creative. Travel wisely. With the creation of the unique CNSTR (Clothing-Constructor) system, elements made of recycled materials can be assembled and disassembled at any time with zippers, so that you can vary and convert various existing garments. The brand aims to use this flexible system to change consumption patterns and make clothes shopping more conscious.

“In Kyiv, a rocket hit a house near our office. Our manufacture in Chernihiv was destroyed by a rocket attack, there are people who were injured. Now we have no time for fashion and no time for business. The brand exists only in our hearts,” they said of the current situation.

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