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Ukrainian designers we won’t let out of sight I.

In the editorial team of Hype&Hyper, we follow a lot of talented Ukrainian designers, artists and brands with unique visions, and we have always tried to give them a platform to showcase their work. In light of the current situation, we feel it’s important not to lose sight of them and support them as much as possible! In our newly launched series, we’ve gathered together these characters and brands that are dear to us.


KSENIASCHNAIDER is an independent fashion house by a Ukrainian-Russian couple, Ksenia and graphic designer Anton Schneider. Founded in 2011, the globally renowned Ukrainian brand creates ready-to-wear and upcycled clothing and accessories for women and men. They feature characteristic silhouettes, patchwork techniques, bold denim and sustainable material use. “KSENIASCHNAIDER is a Ukrainian brand. We love our country and support it in all ways. We are trying to remain strong and calm in these uncertain times,” they said of the current situation.

Have A Rest

Alina Dolinina’s smart suitcase brand fuses innovation, travel and a love of Ukraine. Their suitcases come with a built-in scale and a power bank, while their campaigns highlight Ukraine’s most beautiful places, for which they have launched a sticker collection as well. Most recently, they have collaborated with the above-mentioned KSENIASCHNAIDER brand: the Holo Trip collection is made from recycled plastic bottles and their old bags. “We want peace. We want freedom for our Ukraine. We are proud of developing our business in our country and doing what we love most,” they wrote in light of current events.

Gunia Project

We’ve interviewed the multi-faceted Gunia Project founders Natalia Kamenska and Mariya Gavriljuk several times: firstly, about their fresh reinterpretation of Ukrainian craft traditions and the ethnographic research behind their collections, and in December, they talked about their new Christmas ceramics collection and Ukrainian festive traditions. Their repertoire is incredibly diverse: they design objects made of wood, glass, ceramics and textiles and also work with weaving, embroidery and knitting as well. They make jewelry, candles and home fragrances as well.

​​“When creating our products, inspiration comes from our beloved land, its breathtaking nature, long and widespread history, diverse culture, and sacred traditions. We value our brave, supportive, strong, sincere and compassionate people. We admire the buildings they build, books they write, planes they construct, songs they sing and the country they protect. Full of spirit and talent, Ukraine is worth being proud of! We live in Ukraine and we want everyone to know and honor HER! We dream about a world where Ukraine isn’t known for war, but for HER might spirit WE ARE PROUD TO BE UKRAINIANS,” they recently wrote on their Instagram page.

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Gunia Project | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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