Valentine’s Day beyond the kitsch

Valentine’s Day beyond the kitsch

Let’s see what’s beyond the red roses and chocolate to make this day of love really about what it is—naughtiness, tenderness, and intimacy. Sneak a little romance into the rest of the year too.

Le Petit Trou

Chic, sustainable, and charmingly erotic—this is how we could best describe Le Petit Trou, the leading lingerie brand in the region. The brand was founded by Zuzanna Kuczyńska almost ten years ago and has since become the flagship of the Polish lingerie market. The stylist-founder and her team of young women design underwear with consummate expertise, heated with light romance, that is eye-catching and comfortable.

Personal Parade

High-quality underwear is not the exclusive prerogative of women, the Ukrainian brand Personal Parade aims to break the male fashion trend from the usual ‘black boxers—grey briefs’ pattern. Hence the use of innovative materials such as lace and silk.


Of course, the lovers’ day can’t be complete without some heart-shaped accessories. Nini Molnár, the creator of heart-shaped bags, has come up with a new collection for this year’s Valentine’s Day, and besides the classic shapes, she also emphasizes that love begins with self-love.

FRKS Lingerie

Hungarian women’s lingerie industry can also have plenty to offer if you want something truly unique from Hungary. Zsófi Farkas was the first to define the concept of indie lingerie, through which we can enter a special, mellow world. FRKS Lingerie’s mysteriously lush pieces shine like works of art on the wearer, while an unexpected rabbit, horse, or butterfly motif may pop up.

I want orgasms, not roses

While we’ve been mostly pleasing our closets (and ourselves) so far, let’s face it, there’s nothing sexier than art. As we covered in a previous article, Hungarian photographer Éva Szombat spent five years exploring female sexuality, resulting in her book I want orgasms, not roses, published last year by Kehrer Verlag. The cheeky title perfectly captures the milieu of portrait photographs, quotes, and stories in the book, which Éva offers the reader in a way that is both sophisticated and raw. Full of taboo-busting, feminine energy, rainbows, and unicorns—yet a perfect experience for both sexes.


Just like at the end of a multi-course dinner, the last is the dessert. The world-famous Gohar brand is a separate small universe of tableware that approaches the less celebrated part of gastronomy, serving, from a unique perspective. Who knew there could be so much imagination behind the design of a coaster or a candleholder? Laila and Nadia Gohar’s surreal world reimagines craft traditions with a touch of humor while making everyday rituals part of the shared meal. Naturally, in time for Valentine’s Day, they have launched a new collection of sensual lace and savory bites to enhance the experience. Our particular favorite is the heart-shaped salami, which suggests that there’s a little romance in everything, you just have to look for it.

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