DORKA S. Jewelry | Jewelry and architecture

DORKA S. Jewelry | Jewelry and architecture

Timeless pieces of jewelry, emphasizing feminine energy, independence and the personality of the person wearing them. The collections of DORKA S. Jewelry manifest the creator’s love for architecture: the lines of the brand’s latest collection DOORS echo details of different gates and doors. Let’s see the details.

Dóra Kovács originally studied painting, and finally became an economist. After more than 10 years in the advertising sector, she moved to New York, where she slowly found her way back to the joy of designing and creation, and finally she founded her own jewelry brand, DORKA S. Jewelry. Her hand-made pieces are characterized by clean lines and the use of statue-like shapes that carry a deeper meaning for the person wearing them.


In her latest DOORS collection, the various pieces adapt the characteristics of old doors and their architectural details into the clean and minimalistic world that is so typical of the brand. The pieces of jewelry are mainly inspired by historical cities including Rome, Paris, London, Budapest and New York.

“My love for contemporary architecture and architecture recalling the past can be traced back to my childhood. My father was an architect, so I spent a lot of time with him as a kid, watching him draw. The destinations of family holidays were also metropolises most of the time, where the characteristic buildings and monuments of the given cities were also included in our to-see list. I loved taking photographs and also capturing the details in my memories. The doors, their rustic yet airy details, their stories have always formed an integral part of these photos. My father has passed away unfortunately, but the shared memories gathered over the years will always stay with me. Urban architecture as a main source of inspiration has been a typical feature of every collection I’ve made ever since” – Dóra explained.
Paris, Rome
Open Door

The pieces of the new jewelry collection are already available online for pre-order.

Photo: Bernadette Fejér
Hair and make-up: Barbara Keserű
Styling: Tekla Tankó

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