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Anna Amélie debuted with the new HOME ceramic collection

The designer of Anna Amélie, Anna Oláh’s new HOME ceramic collection debuted at the S/ALON BUDAPEST Interior Design Fair in September. Anna again proves that her work is diverse: primarily after designing accessories and bags, she dazzled the fans of her characteristic lines with her own clothing collection—you can read more about Anna’s Tavern clothing collection here. However, the story did not stop here, nor did Anna’s creative unfoldment, as her ceramic collection, which debuted this autumn, introduces another side of her. The pottery set in this case is built around the ceremony of dining and unmistakably evokes Anna’s characteristic world.

Whatever she gets into, Anna’s work radiates self-identity, and also that she doesn’t limit herself to a certain framework: she implements her ideas as an independent artist and that’s how all her projects work, no matter how artistically diverse they may be.

One of Anna’s most personal sources of inspiration is her memories of Greece, and the country itself, which she has processed before, with her instinctive lines.

“Vase painting is a defining element of ancient Greek culture. I’ve been interested in working with clay since I was a kid, but what I’ve learned so far has taken me on completely different paths, and it was a completely fresh terrain for me. It’s a different and new profession that I had to learn,” Anna said.

This is how the idea came to design the collection together with the help of Renáta Zsiga, because Renáta helped Anna’s work in ceramics and her development in the field.

As a child of her artist parents, Anna has absorbed the environment around her since she was very young, which has always had a big impact on her. Even if they only appeared several years later, subconsciously, in a graphic or wrapped in a new project.

“The aesthetic environment that surrounded me, the objects, the many little details, colors and shapes all come back somehow to this day. I remember that every single meal was a work of art, the way the simplest food was served. I always wanted to have my own plates,” Anna told us.


The Greek dinner on her clothes collection is a very pleasant antecedent of the pottery collection, because her drawings look tastefully even on textiles due to their organicity, but then why did figural shapes appear on the pottery for eating?

“What characterizes me is the depiction of head motifs and that there is a story behind the faces. It’s like writing a tale, only I tell it in a drawing. These figural motifs come completely out of my imagination, and I also like to deal with the fine arts because it gives me complete freedom,” Anna said.

You can also discover facial, body and eye depictions on the individual pieces of the set. And if we collect all the pieces of the collection, a complete personal description is created in front of us, which unfolds from Anna’s drawings.

Her drawings really tell a story, but it’s up to the individual to find out what they tell: discover the collection yourself!

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