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Here’s how you read | Hype&Hyper’s most read articles this year

The year 2021 also held a number of surprises, ideas and opportunities for the magazine: new surfaces, new series, new faces and new themes appeared in the life of Hype&Hyper. Architecture, gastronomy, local values, design and even more colorful, diverse topics blend every day on the website—now we’ve put together the most popular ones!

Music and? | Five reasons to look forward to the House of Hungarian Music

The House of Hungarian Music was already considered a breakthrough building at the beginning of the year through the design plan, so it is no coincidence that the construction process was already receiving a lot of attention—this is confirmed by the fact that this article was the most read on the site this year. Together with project director Márton Horn, we summarized the reasons why this imposing building was worth waiting for.

Modern-nomadic luxury in Szekszárd

The island of tranquility in a yet undiscovered location—this was the goal of the founders of Szegzárd—the lodge. The estate is one of the special treasures of the region, as the gastro experience is accompanied by a special interior and identity. In an interview with one of the owners, Péter Dudás, we can read in detail about the formation of the concept!

 Is minimalism dead? Living space after the epidemic

Last year, in the early stages of the pandemic, we produced a series asking an architect, a designer, an urbanist, and an environmental psychologist how confinement will surface in our living spaces—this year, in our series of articles, Living (space) after the epidemic, we studied this phenomenon from the perspective of interior design trends.

Object Fetish Part 6—The rings of Saturnus

The unforgettable Object Fetish article series in which design theorists Kitti Mayer and Piroska Novák talk about the emblematic pieces of Hungarian object culture did not let us down this year either. This time, the legendary history of the Saturnus porcelain sets is revealed to us.

Objective—Iván Vitáris

In our themed month of October, week after week, we asked exciting characters from the region about their favorite objects and the stories behind them. In one of the most popular parts of our Objective series, Iván Vitáris presents his beloved relics.

The magical world of Kőbánya—Chinatown in Budapest

The unparalleled culinary experiences of our author Bianka Geiger always take readers to another world, and it was no different at Chinatown. This time, the culinary art of the Chinatown of Kőbánya took the lead, where the cacophony of spices, colors, scents and sights mixes.

The anatomy of actions and reactions | Leaving the city part 1

This year’s new series, Leaving the city, showcases the creative professionals who have replaced the noisy capital with idyllic, rural romance. In the first part of the series, we visit Nagykovácsi, where artist and graphic designer Zsófi Fenyvesi, the art director of Szikra Mező, lives in a charming wooden house with her dog, Kelet.

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