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The wonderful landscapes of Ukraine through the eyes of Ukrainian designers

At present, the whole world—and, of course, we along with it—is focused on Ukraine. The state in Eastern Europe celebrated its 30th anniversary of independence last year, but is now fighting for its freedom. Home to many talented creators, artists and creative professionals, the country is also rightly famous for its increasingly popular fashion brands, which regularly represent themselves on international runways, and we can meet them in celebrity wardrobes or in television series and movies watched by millions. Based on the selection of Ukrainian Vogue magazine, we looked at the collections of fashion designers that present the fabulous landscapes of Ukraine and convey the message of love and peace in this troubled period.

Ukraine according to Ruslan Baginskiy

Ruslan Baginskiy introduced his couture collection TSVIT, commemorating Ukrainian traditions in the summer of 2020. He continued to present the country during his later work, so he and the photographer of Synchrodogs and stylist Yulia Pelipas embarked on a special expedition, where less well-known but eye-catching natural treasures were captured.

Photos: Vogue.ua

Snow-covered mountain peaks of the Carpathians in the IENKI IENKI campaign

Last autumn, the team of IENKI IENKI traveled all the way to the Carpathians to showcase its brand new collection, which combines innovative technologies with traditional Ukrainian folk costumes. The snow-covered mountains and the wooden rest houses provided an unusual background for capturing the pieces.

Photos: Vogue.ua

Collaboration of designers of BEVZA and Nadiia

The 2021 spring/summer collection of Svitlana Bevza, the founder of BEVZA, was implemented in close cooperation with Nadiia, the brand of Nadiia Shapoval that sells ceramic accessories. The production of the advertising campaign was entrusted to the photographer Stepan Lisovsky, who accompanied the artists and started to walk through the small villages of Ukraine, where, among other things, local people were interviewed.

Photos: Vogue.ua

The Azov Sea from the perspective of the creators of the Shmelevsky brand

The advertising campaign of the Shmelevsky fashion brand’s 2019 spring collection impressed everyone. The still untouched pastel-colored steppes of the Azov Sea coast, the wild, prolific nature and the endless calming water can be seen in the pictures, which convey an intimate atmosphere.

Photos: Vogue.ua

Odessa from a new perspective

Fashion designer Julia Paskal presented the PASKAL Resort 2022 clothing collection last December, inspired by the works of sculptor Vasey Dmitryuk made in the Odessa harbor shipyard. This disused factory building, transformed into an art center, the various parts of the city and the slow waves of the sea served as the perfect background for photographing elegant pieces.

Photos: Vogue.ua

The city of Kyiv in the movie by GUDU

The brand, known as GUDU, dedicated its 2022 spring/summer collection to the city of Kyiv. The energetic vibration of the people of Kyiv, the love of life and the free spirit of youth, street art and electronic music were all factors that inspired the designer and are reflected in this truly aesthetic video.

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Source: Vogue Ukraine

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