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The COAT celebrates its 7th anniversary with a new showroom

The COAT by Katya Silchenko is a Ukrainian clothing brand founded in 2014 by Katya Silchenko. Known for its timeless, feminine style, the brand’s collections feature chic, trendy and formal pieces. Radiant femininity and a feel of strength are recurring elements, which is no coincidence since Katya herself was a professional competitive dancer before becoming a designer, so she often draws inspiration from her experiences. The label celebrated its 7th anniversary with the opening of a new showroom, which faithfully reflects the character of the displayed garments and the brand’s identity. In our interview, Katya told us about the new Autumn/Winter collection and shared some behind-the-scenes secrets about the newly completed showroom, The COAT.

What was the main inspiration for the FW 2021/22 collection? 

I meet real women every day in my showroom, and they are my main inspiration. This collection is also inspired by the new reality and a mix of styles. I adapted the clients’ interests and desires by making the collection wearable, stylish and feminine because comfort is not only about tracksuits. 

Can you tell us how the new showroom came to life? 

Ahead of the brand’s 7th birthday, I decided to change the atmosphere of the space that frames the collections. I realized that the COAT stands confidently on its feet, the complexity of tailoring and the quality of fabrics have increased. I often welcome the representatives of the fashion industry and clients from the whole world in the showroom. I wanted the showroom to complement the visual range.

What kind of atmosphere do you want the showroom to represent?

Adding light and air were my main focus! Our space has become a place of female beauty and aesthetics. I am pleased to see how the showroom has earned a place on the shopping lists of the most stylish women around the world. And honestly, it’s incredibly motivating.

Can you tell us about the furniture in the showroom?

The new space is decorated with art pieces. The main focus is on the iconic 1950 REVERSIVEL armchair by Tacchini, designed by Martin Euler. There is also a daybed designed by Spanish designers Claudy Perez and Pedro Ochando, made in the Sancal factory, and upholstered in coral by Danish manufacturer Square Textile. You can also find the works of talented Ukrainian artists in the showroom.

Who is the target audience of the brand?

First of all, the COAT is about women who know who they are. Our clients can easily be different: bold, eccentric and adventurous, or vice versa, vulnerable and calm. They can put on a tracksuit with a baseball cap and, at the same time, choose the most feminine dress in the shade of fuchsia for dancing the night away. The COAT ladies are always devoted to their principles and ideals.

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