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Zero-waste stage design | Hype X WONDEREST

Nestled deep in the mountains of Transylvania is Wonderest, a zero-waste, chill&slow festival. Not only avoiding single-use plastic cups and cutlery, the event’s environmentally conscious philosophy is an important aspect that can be found throughout the festival’s entire organization process. This time, we’ll be focusing on low-waste lighting design!

In the previous articles of our HYPE X WONDEREST series, we introduced the AU workshop’s Thinking Bench installation and we also talked to the founders of Studio Ü, the designers of the graphic design studio responsible for the visulas of the festival. In our latest article, we talked with lighting and installation artist Andor Illés Erazmusz and asked him about this year’s stage design and lighting solutions.

Over the years, Andor Illés Erazmusz increasingly moved from painting towards lighting art. Besides his studies in painting, he’s been designing installations, and complete stage design and lighting solutions for various events and festivals for a number of years now. He’s worked on various projects, including at Bánkitó, Übik Eklektik, Kattarzis, Dzzsembori, and is currently an active member of the F5lab creative techlab and community, best known to the Budapest crowd for their Flashback Photo Studio parties. 

Photo: Orsi Varga, for Kattartique Productions
Photo: Bianka Csenki. Location: Flashback Photo Studio

“When Hanna, the festival’s founder approached me about the Wonderest project, straight away I knew that a classic theatrical approach wouldn’t fit. Right at the start, I’ll be given a bag for my rubbish, which I’ll then have to take back with me from the festival site, so I knew I had to take a completely different approach when creating a concept. At a traditional festival job, many bags of rubbish are generated from adhesive strips, connector covers and caps, and all sorts of other materials used in my work. Now, I’ll be looking for alternatives found in nature I can replace them with.” shared Andor, as he told us about the unique request. His plan is to hang branches found on-site on the stage, on which he’ll install his own lights. The concept is to create a close to nature atmosphere in tune with the festival’s live music line-up, with an exciting ad hoc feeling depending on the objects found on-site and the artist’s intuition.

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In the heart of the Transylvanian mountains, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, the Wonderest festival will be kicking off soon, taking place between July 8-11! The event, offering a familiar atmosphere, is being held in the spirit of slowing down, disconnecting, and eco-consciousness: there’s no reception, but in exchange you get breathtaking views, indie folk and experimental performers, sunrise concerts and an unforgettable community experience. But how is a micro-festival put together? Week by week, we introduce you to the unique atmosphere of Wonderest festival and breaking down the event into its elements with the help of a creator or performer from a different field each week. Click here for tickets!

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