Home(Land): cloaked in separation

Home(Land): cloaked in separation

Home(Land) showcases works by Ukrainian and Dutch designers that reflect on the notion of home or the loss of it, combining craft with innovation. The project was presented during the Dutch Design Week 2022.

The war has driven millions of Ukrainians from their homes, suddenly severing their close ties with their homeland. Many were forced to rethink their idea of home and asked the question: what defines home(land)?

“The land we live on, with its specific natural resources and habitat and the connections we’ve built with it throughout generations, broadly define our identity and sense of belonging. Our experiences are built on complex relations with our (home)land. But what defines home(land) beyond the geopolitical frameworks? What memories and emotions do we associate with home(land)? Is the notion of home(land) relocatable?” These are the divisive questions posed by the Home(Land) collective.

In search of the answer, founders Dasha Tsapenko and Nazar Gresko have invited Dutch and Ukrainian designers who they believe can prove that design has a way to offer new perspectives. Reflecting together on the war, its impact, and the stories of today, with a hopeful look to the future. Towards a home(land) that we build, develop, and redefine together.

Throughout the exhibition, sustainable design is used to reflect on the ideas of home and war. The stories run on two threads, each with a different design solution. One is the Gunya, a Ukrainian shepherd’s cloak, and the other is a story of tableware.

The Gunya coats are made of mycelium, hemp, and different types of wool.

Photos: Alex Blanco
Curators: Dasha Tsapenko és Nazar Gresko
Designers: Anna Riabova, Basse Stittgen, Charlotte Visser, Ilse Kremer, Marjo Van Schaik, Oksana Denusevuch, Oksana Devoe, Ruslana Goncharuk, Sacha Popruga, Sietske Klooster, Stijn van Ardenne

Home(Land) is a collaboration between Stichting Art-East + Art-West and the Narada Foundation.