Michelin-starred restaurants in Eastern Europe | TOP5

Michelin-starred restaurants in Eastern Europe | TOP5

Restaurants that are ‘starred’ by the Michelin experts year after year light up the imaginary sky. And it is even more rewarding that more and more restaurants in the gastronomic world of our region receive this recognition. Let’s discover their astonishing culinary talent!

Babel | Hungary

Babel, which was founded almost fifteen years ago and since then underwent a complete metamorphosis, creates something valuable in the historic downtown of Budapest in the domaine of domestic and international ‘haute cuisine’. The restaurant’s success is due to the efforts of owner Hubert Hlatky-Schlichter, and executive chef Kornél Kaszás backed by his team. The fine dining and the interior are a meeting point of tradition and modernity, bringing the gastronomic and cultural heritage of the former Monarchy to the guests’ plates.

Photo: Zsolt Batár

Innovation and tradition. The menu is constantly evolving, limited only by the seasonality of the products. But one thing is constant: the use of the highest quality ingredients.

“Those with a beautiful soul can create beauty...” says Hubert.

NOEL | Croatia

Zagreb’s first and still only Michelin-starred restaurant debuted in 2016. In addition to the use of innovative, leading culinary technology, passion, experience, dedication, and enthusiasm are the key to the NOEL’s success. Thanks to restaurateur and wine expert Ivan Jug, artisanal teas and sakes sourced directly from Japan, Taiwan, and China make unique pairings with the dishes.

Photo: Šimun Šitum
Bruno Vokal is one of Croatia’s most recognized and talented young chefs.

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise | Czech Republic

Located in the heart of the Czech capital, Prague, La Degustation is a vibrant and ever-evolving part of the local gastronomy. Their tasting menu features seasonal selections in collaboration with local farmers, producers, and hunters. Their sommeliers are constantly experimenting with new wines, as well as drinks made from a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts to create the perfect flavors.

Photo: Filip Šlapal
Oldřich Sahajdák executive chef

Bottiglieria 1881 | Poland

The dishes prepared in the kitchen of Polish star chef Przemysław Klima cross their usual boundaries and bring back memories, bringing our childhood alive with the help of our taste buds. It helps us recall old, unfamiliar relationships and create new ones through the language of food. Bottiglieria 1881 does its utmost to minimize the distance between staff and guests.

Restavracija Atelje | Slovenia

The Ljubljana restaurant’s credo is ‘carte blanche’, which is an extended interpretation of the exercise of total freedom. They strive to maintain a friendly and relaxed atmosphere without compromising their professionalism in their work. The life of owner and chef Jorg Zupan is focused on the pursuit of pleasure and beauty. His restaurant is not so much about gastronomic performance as it is about connecting with his guests through flavor. The main objective is for everyone to be free.

Photo: Suzan Gabrijan
Jorg Zupan one of the best chefs in Slovenia | Photo: Matic Bajželj

The dishes presented in this article are not necessarily up-to-date for all restaurants and are subject to change without notice.

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