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Magnificent regional hotels with outstanding identity | TOP 5

Little feels better than when, after all the planning and traveling, you finally arrive at your hotel and the relaxation begins. This experience is only enhanced when the details of the hotel are in sync with each other—when a harmonious and pleasant identity is presented!

Hotel Rum | Budapest, Hungary

The name of studio NUR is linked to several large-scale projects, including the identity of Hotel Rum, which is also a boutique hotel: simple label systems with dynamic numbers in black and white and gold. Indeed, the key logo is in dialogue with the metal furniture in the interior with its refined, geometric shape.

Grandhotel Pupp | Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

The second oldest hotel in Europe is the Grandhotel Pupp, the story of which began in 1701. Studio Najbrt imagined the monumental, neo-Baroque building with modern typographic elements, but recalled the luxury of the past centuries. The royal dark blue logo and the gentle vanilla façade complement each other greatly.

Hotel Navis | Opatija, Croatia

Hotel Navis is a five-star design hotel with a magnificent view of the sea—as if we were sailing on a boat. “Navis” means “ship” in Latin, and the name of the owner of the hotel derives from the word “captain”, so there was no question about the direction of the identity. Ivan Dilberovic also took into account the fact that the building is located in the northernmost part of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. The result: compass, coordinates and elements resembling GPS.

Dune Resort | Mielno, Poland

Rio Creativo and Illustrator Kat first encountered the communication chaos that revolved around the complex when they developed the visual identity of Dune, so first, they remade that. Because Dune has several operators and functions, it has shown many different identities in the past. Finally, the blurry versions of the beach photos and the color of the sandy beach provided the basis for the new identity.

Nobu Hotel Warsaw | Warsaw, Poland

Blank Studio and Walk with David were responsible for the identity of the unit of the Nobu hotel and restaurant chain in Warsaw. The luxury hotel combines the art deco style with Japanese gestures and works of contemporary Polish artists, hence the branding is minimalist and elegant, with a little Japanese twist.

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