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Nousu—light effects tailored to our needs

Luminaries constantly adapting to the features of the space and the user’s needs, whose essence lies in the gentle, spatial transition between the sand-blown, looming, water-clear, and translucent glass surfaces of the lampshades. This is the latest Red Dot award-winning product concept from Nousu, by Ádám Miklósi and Kristóf Koczka!

Ádám Miklósi and Kristóf Koczka have worked together in recent years on the design and development of products ranging from community coffee cups to foldable bicycles. Like their Orbit concept, a small, compact, mobile app-controlled, colorful iron for travel enthusiasts. It was natural for them to reach back to an earlier idea again: “at the beginning of the year, we decided to pull out our ideas from the drawer and brainstorm on them together,” Adam noted. Thus was born their newest product line, inspired by Kristóf’s past experiences. “The previous versions of the objects’ concept were developed during my travels in Finland, and since then, I have been saving them for the right time and occasion for realizing them: my work with Adam was a catalyst in this,” the designer emphasized. “The success of our work together lies in our different design perspectives, which we can combine perfectly. In the design process, we build on each other’s suggestions, and make compromises without sacrifices,” Adam added.

Simple in function, with a clean mass and tubular design, the luminaires were named Nousu, which derives from the Finnish words for gradient and rising, referring to the essence of the product. Working together, the designers stripped the concept down to its foundations and redesigned it from an aesthetic and functional point of view. “We have also added a work lamp to the pendant and reading lamp to make it a unified, complete product family concept,” says Adam. In fact, the essence of the lamp bodies lies in the gentle, spatial transition between the globes’ sand-blown, looming, water-clear, and translucent glass surfaces. “The design solution allows us to play within the spectrum of the diffused and direct light source, with manual tuning and transitioning to suit our current needs,” Kristóf explained. Some pieces in the collection can also be rotated according to the same principle, but in different ways in terms of their solutions, and can become perfect additions to homes and offices.

Although the usual Red Dot awards ceremony in Singapore is canceled just like last year, the designers continue to develop their prototype into a product in a festive mood.

Photos: Kevin Campean

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Koczka Kristóf | Behance

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