From home brewing to exciting spices | Piqniq pack—Part 11

From home brewing to exciting spices | Piqniq pack—Part 11

Like any good manager, the “captain” of a catering company has to look after their team: but how to do it well? Not only attracting but also keeping a valuable workforce is a challenging task. And what are the first steps to take if you’re thinking of getting into homebrewing or venturing into herb farming? Helpful tips and advice—again—courtesy of Piqniq Budapest.

PODCAST: The Humanistic Leader—How to keep your valuable workforce!

A catering business, perhaps more than any other business, depends on the attitude of its staff. A well-organized team effort is needed, led by a manager with an overview of the processes. The manager needs to be self-aware in selecting the right people to work alongside them, but to ensure that the teamwork is sustainable, the employees need to be constantly motivated. The most important thing is to provide a system around the team members in which everyone feels safe. Creating a motivating working environment can be equally important.

In the Piqniq Budapest podcast Vera Pistyur, founder of Bridge Budapest and Zoltán Gazsi, CEO of Eisberg, give tips on how to retain valuable employees in the long term.

VIDEO: How to get started with homebrewing? Brewing at home with Madscientist

Why start home brewing? Perhaps because everyone can get the experience they want out of the process. It can be a truly relaxing solo endeavor or even a collaborative community project. You can get excellent results from very simple ingredients, or even think of a complicated recipe because the possibilities in brewing are endless. In the video, Tamás Szilágyi, one of the owners of the Mad Scientist brewery, shows step-by-step how to make a hoppy and a malty version of IPA.

PATRON: How do you recognize a quality product?—Workshop on the principles of supplier and raw material selection

Quality ingredients and reliable suppliers are just as essential to a successful gastro business as the concept itself. But the dilemma is always where to find excellent products and how to recognize quality ingredients.

In a workshop with 10 participants, the NekedTerem team will talk about their Hungarian small-scale producers and give tips on choosing quality raw materials and good suppliers.

Eszter Molnár, the owner of NekedTerem, has a proven track record in many fields: after graduating in cultural and visual anthropology, she chose marketing, which led her to work at HVG, Vatera and Ogilvy advertising agency. After the birth of her first child and a few years as an interior designer, she built the NekedTerem brand. The principles of the business are simple and appealing to many: fresh, vitamin-packed food from local producers, without unnecessary packaging and no lugging around.

PATRON: The magic of gastronomy: an introduction to the world of spices with Sudár Birtok

The magic of quality food lies in the harmony of the ingredients, in which the smallest units, the spices, play a huge role. In a three-hour small-group workshop with Erzsébet Sudárné Boros, owner of Sudár Birtok, and her commercial manager Zoltán Morvai, you can learn about spices, their versatile use in gastronomy, how to design a restaurant “spice kitchen” properly and they even help you make your own spice mix. Plus, the program includes a tour of the estate so you can get first-hand practical advice on the growing process.

Sudár Birtok is a modern, family farm based on traditional values, where sustainable development and the centuries-old knowledge of ancestors go hand in hand.

Erzsébet Sudárné Boros and her family are engaged in the cultivation of herbs and spices on a farm of more than six hectares. Their aim is to produce high-quality, clean food, using no fertilizers or chemicals, enriching the land with their own stable manure, and using biodegradable herbal decoctions to control pests. Hand-picked crops are also dried naturally in the attic. The crushing is done by hand and the finished spices are packaged in-house, so the whole process is a closed system under the watchful eye of the family.

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Video: Piqniq Budapest—Gergő Sepsi

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