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From fermentation to the philosophy of making ramen soup | Piqniq pack—Part 14

How to ferment with the help of mushrooms and bacteria found in nature? When does a gastronomy enterprise communicate properly? What are the tasks of a restaurant owner’s everyday life? What is the philosophy of making ramen soup? Here is the fresh Piqniq pack part with questions and answers!

Tips on how to start fermenting—Beyond the pickled cucumber

Márton Keve has deepened his knowledge of fermentation in a very special place, he visited the lab of the world-famous Noma restaurant. In this video, we show you how to create a real culinary spell with the help of mushrooms and bacteria found in nature from simple ingredients. Koji is an essential fermented product in Asian cuisine, and kombucha is a popular beverage produced from mixing sugared tea and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The process is simpler than it seems, it is worth having a go at it.

PODCAST: IS THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS RIGHT?—Communication is the foundation of customer experience

Managing guest reviews is a major challenge for restaurant businesses. It is not possible to meet every need, but proper communication matters a great deal. However, the guest experience does not only depend on the caterers, but also requires sufficient openness on the part of the guest to be able to accept what the restaurant conveys to them. Is the old saying that the customer is always right true? Is it necessary, and if so, how to educate guests, and make them more open and inclusive towards restaurant businesses? What can a guest do to avoid disappointing situations? How should a gastronomy business communicate well?

In our tenth podcast, we explore these issues with the help of Csaba Heinz Barabás, the owner of the Mariska restaurant in Tiszafüred and László Aczél, a gastro blogger.

VIDEO: From dessert boxes to brunch restaurant—Everyday life of a female gastronomy entrepreneur

An organically evolving entrepreneurial journey led from dessert boxes to the Franziska brunch restaurants, from online space to real guest experience. In the video, we can look at a weekday of the owner of the place, Franciska Horváth, where she shows how complex entrepreneurship requires from daily operational tasks through product development to communication with colleagues and guests, and the opening of a new place. After Buda, the breakfast place also conquered Pest with its free-from-all and health-conscious meals and girly atmosphere.

A mixture of flavors and textures: the soup

Csaba Sajben introduces us to the philosophy of making ramen soup, where the starting point is the broth, but the scale of options for raw materials is endless. The goal is to create a complete dish with as many flavors and textures as possible.

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